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1:36 am - Sat, Mar 31, 2012
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Save These Shows, Part 2 (Pardon the long delay)

M:  I had better see some GCB, 30 Rock & Raising Hope in the upfront this year.

T:  Comments after the jump.

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11:00 am - Mon, Mar 26, 2012

What to Watch, 3-26-12, Part 2

M: The Voice on NBC wraps up the battle rounds tonight!  So if we’re lucky, maybe Christina is still wearing a bedazzled 45 on her head & Adam is wearing his granny sweater!  A couple of the battles last week were really tough choices (Angel Taylor went home; and although she’s not my taste, I thought Gwen Sebastian did a great job w/one of my favorite songs, We Belong by Pat Benatar, but still lost), they weeded out some of the weaker competitors (sorry Shields Brothers), but a few weak ones squeaked through due to weaker competition (former model Erin Martin belongs on X-Factor or Idol, IMO).  8p.

(T:  This show seems so comical to me.  That said, I don’t watch.  I just see pictures of Christina and her 45.  God knows I probably shouldn’t say this since I’m in such deep shit with The Hunger Games and Mad Men.  Oh, woe is me.)

Alcatraz on Fox should have some more flashbacks to remarkably hot 60s guys, so I’ll be watching.  8p.

(T:  One of these days, R and I will catch up on this show.  Why are they burning them off?  It’s been two hours for a couple weeks.  I know the ratings are pretty weak.)

(M:  I don’t know if it’s worth a marathon.  It’s kind of cool, though.)

And I’ll probably DVR Smash & watch it at some point this week.  Last week was not bad.  10p.

(T:  Couldn’t pay me.  OK, there’s probably a threshold at which I could be paid to watch.  But my eyes would bleed.  Yet here we have the show renewed for season 2.  Something tells me I won’t take as much heat for this as my other heat.)


6:01 pm - Tue, Mar 20, 2012
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M: Alcatraz’ latest inmate, Webb Porter, is just as hot as the rest of them.

M: Alcatraz’ latest inmate, Webb Porter, is just as hot as the rest of them.


8:20 am - Mon, Mar 19, 2012

What To Watch, 3-19-12

T:  Well, after last night, what can compare?!  The Walking Dead, especially the first 30 minutes, was…insane!  And so good.  But there are a few things tonight…so off we go.

M:  I can’t wait for Mad Men!  I think that will be the next time I feel the way I do about Walking Dead.

(T:  M, did you catch any of the spoof Walking Dead-ish spots Bravo did for Mad Men?  AWESOME!)

CBS kicks it off with a new How I Met Your Mother.  It’s had a really great creative renaissance this season.  It’s that rare sitcom that is both hilarious and poignant.  It’s really become more of a soap than traditional sitcom.  For me, that’s not a bad thing. Next up is 2 Broke Girls.  I won’t ever convert M, I accept that.  But I think the girls are great (and Kat is certainly being directed to deliver her lines like she does) and the supporting cast is wonderful.  (M:  Then Kat AND the Director should be replaced - da da dum!)  I LOVE the cook!  Jonathan Kite is just hilarious as Oleg.  And they dole him out in just the right doses.  Skip 9-10 and pick up with Hawaii 5-0.  At this point, I am really realizing I just look at the show.  I don’t even think I pay attention to plot or dialogue.  That may seem like a weird reason to reco a show.  But it’s like a travelogue of Oahu.  EW said Frozen Planet (also WONDERFUL last night) was the reason for HD.  I would argue H50 is as well.  8p-9p, 10p-11p.

I VERY half-heartedly reco Dancing With the Stars on ABC.  Season premiere.  I love Gavin DeGraw…main reason for this.  I will admit, I typically do record it, but I will also admit I can watch it in about 10 minutes.  A two hour episode in 10 minutes.  So you get the half-hearted part of this, yeah?  It does have Maksim….there is always that.  Watch at your own peril.  8p-10p.

I cannot stand Oprah and don’t like her network—save for The Rosie Show (cancelled).  Rosie interviews Lily Tomlin today and I think it will make for a fascinating hour of television.  If you can find this stupid network, I reco you watch it.  Even if you think you hate Rosie O’Donnell, you may be surprised.  4p satellite, 7p cable.

I will leave Alcatraz on FOX to M.

After the giant success of 21 Jump Street this weekend (35MM), it may be fun for you to check in on Chelsea Lately on E!  M and I are in a semi-war about Channing Tatum’s acting ability.  I think I’m going to win this one.  The reviews he is getting for Jump Street are practically raves.  And, as much as I hate to admit I saw The Vow, which was AWFUL, Channing was really, really great in it.  The ONLY good thing about it.  And this has nothing to do with looks, fyi.  Chelsea has one of her best panels on tonight as well—Jen Kirkman, the awesome T.J. Miller and the amazing Josh Wolf.  8p satellite, 11p cable.

Late Night round up:  Armie Hammer is on The Tonight Show on NBC.  Love him.  Dave has Michelle Obama on Late Show, CBS.  I suppose if you like whales, you could check Jessica Simpson out on Jimmy Kimmel (meow).  11:35p, CBS/NBC, Midnight, ABC.

M:  Aw - you know how I feel about Jessica (I refuse to buy anything from her line) but make fun of the dumb things she says, not her weight…

Happy Viewing!


8:57 am - Mon, Mar 12, 2012

What to Watch, 3-12-12, Part 2

M:  T’s right - I ‘ll be your guide today (later, of course).  First of all, HGTV seems to be running a House Hunters International marathon today starting at 930AM - sweet!  Most look like tropical destinations, which is appropriate for this cold, overcast day in LA.  And M is exhausted & stiff from SCUBA training yesterday in the 55 degree murky water of Catalina Island (brrrr!), so I will sit on my couch sipping coffee & think about what tropical destination I’ll visit first when I’m certified. (Although my third dive sucked & I have to do a do-over :o(  )

(T:  This is where you, M, REALLY come in handy ;)  I set up a few of the eps.  Love this show.  Love your reco!  See, we at least do each other a service!)

I’m recommending The Voice on NBC tonight at 8PM PDT.  There is some real talent on the screen, and it’s still any coach’s year to win.  Although Christina Aguilera continues to be the least likable judge in any talent competition, I’ll let dreamy Blake & Adam, the charming Cee-Lo with the stupefying tiny arms, and of course, Mr. Purr-fect win me over.  Some strong guest advisors, too, in Lionel Ricchie, Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds (New Jack forever!), Kelly Clarkson, Jewel, Miranda Lambert (shocker), Alanis Morissette, Ne-Yo (sizzle) and Robin Thicke.  And what I really like is that many of them tell the competitors not to oversing, so you don’t have everyone beating their chests & trying to do vocal gymnastics of which they are not capable.  

(T:  Shockingly, you can’t pay me to watch this show.  But you should check out the Chelsea Lately parody on E!.  It was HYSTERICAL!)

On Fox, the mystery continues to unfold behind the disappearance of 1963 Alcatraz inmates and an occasional guard on Alcatraz at 9PM. 

It’s the 1000 Ways to Die premiere at 10PM on Spike.  This show is pretty awesome if you haven’t seen it. They do dramatic reenactments of people dying in bizarre or brutal ways.  So funny!

On the opposite end of the spectrum, Smash is on NBC. Given so few original options available, I will continue to watch this.  The music is original, right?  I would want to see this musical.  Getting a little bored, though.

(T:  No way.)

Still catching up on The Killing from AMC On Demand.  

Can’t wait for Mad Men to come back!


9:20 pm - Mon, Mar 5, 2012
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Just Because: The Guards at Alcatraz Aren’t So Bad Either



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What to Watch, 3-5-12, Part 2

M:  Wow, pickings ARE getting slim, but I’ve got a full evening tonight.  

The Voice on NBC moves on the battle rounds!  Let’s see which coach made the best choices.  I’m liking Blake’s team and Adam’s.  And unlike other singing competitions I won’t name (or starmaker competitions), the majority of the contenders on this one can actually sing really well.  I may even buy Xenia Martinez’s single (Xenia was a finalist last year, and has a beautiful, soft, unique voice in the vein of a Norah Jones).  Aside from Kelly Clarkson, I can’t think of one Idol finalist whose track I want!  

(T:  I do like Carrie Underwood and David Cook.  But Idol is long over for me.  Can you believe we live in a world where you watch a reality singing competition show and I don’t, M?!)

(M:  Don’t tell anyone, but I watched Rock Star: INXS.  Also, so far, I have to say that the vocalists are not coming through the way I wanted them to.  Let’s say it is 60% strong vocalists, as opposed to 15-20% on other shows…)

Who will be the first to go in the battle rounds?  Will Christina’s breasts get a break from those corsets?  Will Mr. Purrfect stick around?

(T:  Just from pics, her boobies scare me.  But, then, they all do.)

Alcatraz on Fox is a good mystery that goes back and forth in time between - get on board!  I’m telling you, some of these cons from the 60s are not half bad!

and, um, I’m going to try another episode of Smash.  I enjoyed it last week.

If none of these appeal to you, consider picking up A Wrinkle in Time, by Madeleine L’Engle.  It’s the 50th anniversary of the publishing of this Newbury winner, and it brings back so many fond childhood memories for me.  I think I read Ms. L’Engle’s series of books at least 3 times.  While written for young adults, it presents challenging scientific concepts, quotes from literature and philosophy, and it’s just a really fun read!

(T:  Nice reco!!)


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What To Watch, 3-5-12

T:  Absolutely nothing!  The March drought officially begins today.  Alcatraz on FOX is the only new show…and M had a good point last week.  I’ve got them on the DVR, but have not watched.  So I won’t reco.  But I bet she will.

Happy Go Out And Play Night!  (Or stay IN and play!)


10:06 am - Mon, Feb 27, 2012

What to Watch, 2-27-12, Part 2

M: T gives you most of the highlights (or lowlights in the case of 2 Broke Girls) below, but there are some other don’t-misses tonight.

T:  She’s crazy off about 2 Broke Girls.  Crazy off!  Maybe it’s the supposed rain on her brain.

E!’s (that punctuation looks so weird) Fashion Police has their special Academy Awards wrap-up edition at 7PM PST.  I’m very curious to see who will Best Dressed - quite a few amazing contenders this year.  My faves were Michelle Williams, Jessica Chastain, Milla Jovovich, and Rose Byrne.  If Rooney Mara takes it, I quit.  Her dress didn’t fit her too-thin frame!  Best dressed is not a measure of whether your porcelain skin with red lipstick and rad haircut look great in white.  The dress WAS very cool - she should have taken the time to get it tailored.  I hate/love the hosts of this show - nice work, guys!

T:  I’m going with Cam Diaz.  I just really thought she looked pretty.

Because he isn’t actually watching it, I’m not sure T’s reco of Alcatraz resonates.  I DO watch & it’s fascinating.  This is the JJ Abrams we love - the story is mysterious, yet moves forward every week (so you’re not “Lost” in a JJ Abrams k-hole).

(T:  Fair.)

And The Voice is back on NBC tonight.  Tonight is the last of the blind auditions, so the judges have to fill their teams.  Now I’m going to watch it, because I love the fact that the competition actually is based on voice talent (pay attention, American Idol - remember the days of Kelly Clarkson?) instead of marketability, but I’m also going to complain about a few things:

1. Christina Aguilera. You know how we learned that Jennifer Lopez was surprisingly sweet, insightful and likeable on Idol?  That’s not happening with Christina.  Every week, I hate her more; and I’m pretty sure her co-judges do too.  And for the love of god, will somebody put her in a dress that fits??  I feel worse for her breasts than I do for rejected contestants.  

(T:  Just can’t watch it.  I know I’m in the minority.  I’m completely over talent shows for at least 5 years.)

2.  Carson Daly.  Carson, when did you become a big fake pussy?  He panders to the contestants’ families & friends while they watch the audition together.  Even if the contestant sucks, and no judges turn around, he stomps his foot & raises his hands in the air and says, “I don’t know how they didn’t pick him.”  Um, you know, Carson - you know.  Grow some balls back & express your opinion - don’t be a Seacrest!

Oh Smash - what to do.  I meant to delete you from my series recordings last week.  Since you don’t conflict with anything, I’ll give you one more chance.  But only because of Anjelica Huston (yep - that’s how that’s spelled).  You had better deliver.

(T:  This thing’s dead.  Smashed to death.)


7:54 am

What To Watch, 2-27-12

T:  Enjoy new episodes tonight.  With sweeps almost over we’re in for a little dry spell.

CBS has the ON FIRE How I Met Your Mother.  And don’t just take that from me.  It’s been on some series rating highs this season.  I’ve seen some critics complain it’s become to soapy.  I think it just has come into its own.  2 Broke Girls is next.  I LOVE this show.  M often comments on the two actresses.  I think their (really, I think we’re just talking about Kat Denning here) line delivery is very purposeful and I still contend they have great chemistry.  

M:  Yes, I do.  I think their delivery is forced.  This isn’t vaudeville - comedy has evolved.

Whitney Cummings co-created this show.  This is what her own Whitney should be.  But I think it’s clear why she should be behind the scenes now.  Skip the 9p hour and pick it back up with Hawaii-5-0.  I keep debating whether to write “5” out our not.  I guess they technically do in the title.  At any rate, this show isn’t winning any awards.  But it’s one of the most fun shows to watch on TV.  And with Alex O’laughlin and Scott Caan, and let’s not forget the awesome Lost alum Daniel Dae Kim…how can you really go wrong?  8p-9p.  10p-11p.

You’ve got Alcatraz on FOX.  Still have to catch up, but still intrigued.  Let’s turn this into a travel blog.  If you haven’t been to Alcatraz Island…you’re missing out. Such a fascinating place to visit.  You sort of feel the souls of the prisoners past…yet you also feel this sense of peacefulness.  It’s one of the most interesting places I’ve ever traveled to in my life.  They have a night tour—that’s up next.  And I fully expect to be creeped out.  9p.

Over at OWN, that shit of a network, we get our gem back with The Rosie Show returning today.  I don’t think it’s long for the world so I suggest you check it out. It’s gone through a few different formats since its debut, what they have settled on (for the end?), with Rosie one on one with a guest and no audience is absolutely fascinating.  This really is worth your while.  4p satellite, 7p cable.

M:  I can’t believe somebody actually tuned their dial to OWN intentionally.

And can I reco Days of our Lives?  The coming out story with Will is absolutely amazing.  The writing for this story is so spot on.  And Chandler Massey and, especially, Deidre Hall have been nothing short of spectacular.  I know, say what you will about soaps.  These guys are killing it and it’s such an important story. 1p.

Happy Viewing!


9:02 am - Mon, Feb 20, 2012
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What To Watch 2-20-12

T:  You’ve got it pretty easy tonight.  Not much worth watching.  But here’s what is.

Start with CBS and How I Met Your Mother.  Aside from having a banner year in my opinion, this cast is just so on fire with each other.  After 7 seasons they know their characters like the back of their hands and the chemistry is completely natural.  And holy shit, last week’s ending?!  Holy shit!  Next you’ve got 2 Broke Girls.  I love how unblushingly dirty this show is!  I can’t believe it’s on CBS.  What they get away with at 8:30 is easily the most sexually charged innuendo on Broadcast right now. Skip 9p-10p and resume with your eye candy, silliness of the night, Hawaii 5-0. Yeah, this is no award winner, but it’s fun and, come on!  It’s Hawaii!  8p-9p, 10p.

That’s it, folks.  I’ve got nothing else.  Alcatraz has fallen off the list only because I’ve yet to watch an episode.  All on the DVR.  Castle fell off for the same reason. Sadly, Smash fell off because it sucks.  

Happy (limited) Viewing! 


8:00 am - Mon, Feb 13, 2012

What to watch, 2-13-12

T:  Tonight is all new, so you’ve got lot’s of options.  Most of which I’m not reco’ing.

CBS gives us the on fire How I Met Your Mother.  It really has come roaring back this season.  I think the writers sort of see the end game now (though with the highest ratings it’s ever had, I can’t imagine CBS saying go away any time soon.  That said, I do believe most of the cast’s contracts are up next year.  So…)  2 Broke Girls is next.  I cannot get enough of Beth Behrs.  M and I disagree on the chemistry with the two girls.  I think it’s fantastic.  Favorite 5 minute man of the season (stop it with those thoughts!):  Jonathan Kite.  He’s used sporadically but awesomely.  As usual, skip 9-10p.  And you know I’m not ever going to not reco Hawaii 5-0.  Mindless, beautiful fun. 8p-9p, 10p.

Over at NBC, you can check out The Voice if you aren’t od’ed on singing comps.  It’s not for me, but a whole helluva lot of people seem to dig it.  Afterwards, it’s Smash.  I am very curious to see the second ep.  Haven’t seen the show in so long (we watched it online a week before its debut)…I want to catch up.  And I hope it holds up.  It’s going to be an interesting night for NBC.  One is easy to say they hit paydirt with this lineup.  And I hope they did.  I’m sure there is no way ratings won’t fall a little more down to earth this week, after the Superbowl fueled wk 1.  But I kinda think they are going to hold their own.  Prediction:  NBC owns 18-49 tonight. 8p-11p.

ABC has Castle.  Which, as M pointed out, I don’t watch, but have recorded every week for years.  I HAVE watched…we’re just behind.  And it IS a great show.  10p on Monday is just tough.  But tough is good.  It means we’ve got good stuff to be torn about watching.  Most of us can record two things on our DVRs.  And then, if we have to, we can have the boyfriend dvd record at work for the third!  10p.

Alcatraz is Fox’s draw tonight.  Great cast, intriguing story.  Give it a shot!  9p.

And that, ladies and gents, is for your viewing pleasure.  

M:  Over on E! at 7PM PST, there’s a Fashion Police special Grammy edition.  I know many will disagree, but I find Joan Rivers very funny.  She’s much better in a studio taking jabs at celebrities and their fashion (even if she is always wearing the gaudiest outfits and jewelry) than she was on the red carpet.  Her groan-inducing interviews (didn’t get the feeling celebs loved her) were interspersed with her repeatedly asking Melissa or the guy on the other end of the mic who people were.  She didn’t seem to recognize anyone under 45.  Also, if you haven’t seen that documentary on her (Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work), check it out - it made me respect her more.  

T:  M does not kid about the Joan Rivers documentary.  It’s FASCINATING.  And you will SO appreciate Joan more.


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