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8:30 am - Mon, Apr 15, 2013

What to Watch: 4/15/13

M: Between the awesome new Bates Motel and the “not bad but just not quite doing it” The Following, It’s serial killer night!  Desensitize yourself against violence with Norman and Joe.  A&E, 10PM EDT, Fox, 9PM EDT



And the best news shows on TV (and comedies, except for VEEP)  are hosting the best guests tonight: Jimmy Carter, the only President who emerged with his soul intact, is on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, and Bill Clinton is on The Colbert Report.  Comedy Central 11 & 1130PM EDT and for the next 12 hours afterward, and online — you’ll find it.



And I’ll DVR, but watch 3 days later, Revolution on NBC.  Can we kill both siblings?  Listen, guys, I know she’s hot, but Tracy Spiridakos makes Denise Richards look like Orson Welles.  NBC j10:01 PM EDT Case in point:


T:  Wait…T?!  Yeah, I’m back.  And when I’m back, it usually means so is CBS.  Watch How I Met Your Mother as it limps towards Barney and Robin’s wedding and then settle in for (finally) the last season this fall when we find out who the mom is.  Do we care?  Skip ahead to Hawaii Five-0.  I have a feeling this won’t be the best ep, but I’ll still watch.  CBS | 8PM & 10PM



The Secret Life of the American Teenager (WHATEVER!) continues towards its series finale.  This is the dumbest show on TV but it’s so dumb you can’t not watch.  (M: Dumber than Two Broke Girls??) I thought being sober would take the effect of the most insane dialogue ever written for TV away.  Wrong. It makes it better!  ABC Family | 5PM satellite


Happy Viewing!


8:30 am - Mon, Apr 1, 2013
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What to Watch: 4/1/13

M: I guess it’s premeditated murder night tonight (since Sunday is “necessary/provoked murder night).  Love getting East Coast feeds — while some suffer needlessly through syndicated sitcoms or “entertainment news,”  I’ll fire up Bates Motel.  The pilot was far better than I expected, partially due to Vera Farmiga’s fantastic acting, but also because it really was intriguing.  Doesn’t hurt that Norman Bates’ older brother (??) is hot.  A&E 10PM EDT

Next up is The Following.  It still doesn’t quite have “it” for me, but it’s well acted & the plotline is interesting enough that I’ll stick around.  We’ll see.   Intelligent murderers and cults are always a good time, right? Fox 9PM EDT

And I’m so glad I found Burning Love.  I don’t watch The Bachelor regularly; but this parody does not have to work too hard to make that franchise appear pathetic & funny — their work is done for them.  From the multi-talented, under-exposed Ken Marino, featuring a dazzling array of star cast members and guest stars, this show is a gem.  A rare web-to-tv success.  OK - no idea what the ratings really are; but if you’re not watching it, you’re missing out.  E! 10PM EDT

Happy Viewing!


8:30 am - Wed, Mar 27, 2013

What to Watch: 3/26/13

M: Thank god ABC’s Wednesday line-up is back in originals!  T MAY still watch The Middle, but I’ll pass.  Skip 8:30 (shudder - terrible).  But it gets good at 9:  Modern Family is back.  Even if it’s been occasionally uneven vs. the first two stellar seasons (and I personally think the Gloria pregnancy is a cheap ploy, just like having romantic tension between 2 characters & then finally realizing it), this is still the best comedy on network TV. Welcome back. Jump right into the sweet & still a little sassy Suburgatory.  I’d probable put Jeremy Sisto in my top 20 & love his character on this.  Tonight, Dallas fears Dahlia… OK - you can just stop there — I’m in if it’s Dahlia-centric… may be a hoarder.  And the show Dallas wishes it was:  Nashville.  Juicy plotlines, great acting (except for Hayden, but her character is an archetype, so I don’t know if we can blame her), and a glimpse into a music city I don’t know enough about.  ABC, 9-11PM EDT


(obviously , Connie Britton is one of the primary reasons this show works so well)

The Soup delivers, season after season — kudos to the writers & Joel McHale — love it.  E!, 10PM EDT

Get your Daily Show while you can - Jon is taking a 12-week hiatus this summer to direct a serious film that he has written.  Jon, I think you’re amazing, but I’m so glad you’re not acting.  You’re meant to be spontaneous & drive a concept — best of luck with your project, Rosewater. The movie — which will require a 12-week absence from his duties on “The Daily Show” — is an adaptation of the 2011 book “Then They Came for Me: A Family’s Story of Love, Captivity and Survival,” by Maziar Bahari and Aimee Molloy.

One of my girl-crushes, Eva Mendes, is the guest, but with such major cases in court this week, the “news” (hell, I’ll call it the news), should be fantastic. 

And The Colbert Report should be fantastic too - lots of headlines to cover tonight for this “conservative.”

Late Night Round-up (sorry T - I don’t watch these shows much, so I don’t check the guest list all the time):  Can I just phone it in a little?  You guys know how to find when these shows are on - you’re not idiots.  Hell, nobody even reads this far down. We’ve got to move this blog to Wordpress or something…

Silver fox Bruce Willis on Kimmel.

The Following’s James Purefoy & Dido on Fallon.

Andy Dick is on Carson Daly.

Seth Green on Conan

Happy Viewing!


8:30 am - Tue, Mar 26, 2013

What to Watch: 3/27/13

Half-heartedly recommend the following (yawn):

New Girl is still endearing, but I’m not even sure I’m in love w/Nick any more.  Fox, 9PM  (yes, T - canceled series recording of The Mindy Project.  You told me so.)


Cougartown - funny.  Not going down in history, but funny.  Will I last longer with this than with Scrubs?  Not sure.  TBS, 10PM EDT


Comedy Central (10P-12P) is probably the best bet tonight, but their newer originals don’t have the stamina of the “news” shows.  I know T has given up, but I still like Tosh.0.  The Jeselnik Offensive is funny, and features some of today’s greatest comedians on the panel, but his stand-up rhythm doesn’t translate well in this format.  I’ll hang in for a few more.  



The Daily Show & Colbert Report will probably be tonight’s best programming — doesn’t even matter who the guests are.  Congratulations for such ongoing brilliance. 

Happy Viewing!  If you don’t watch these, catch up on Burning Love on E!  On Demand.  Hilarious!


8:30 am - Fri, Mar 15, 2013

What to Watch 3-16-13

T:  Not one thing!


7:52 am - Mon, Nov 26, 2012

#Whattowatch, 11-26-12

T:  Still originals!  It’s gonna be a slow month in December!

CBS is your (M: T’s) main stop.  There’s a new How I Met Your Mother.  Jason Segel’s Marshall faces off with his archenemy, guest Joe Manganiello’s Brad.  

M:  Really?  Sweet… Something about this man (the word “man” is in his name!) really does it for me.  I don’t care if he can’t dance or act.  I had opted out of my series recording, but I’ll be sure to watch this epi.  Doesn’t get much better that that.  But seriously, Jason, STOP losing weight!  Ordinarily we don’t reco repeats here, but there is a pretty funny Big Bang Theory next.  Keeping with the theme, Sheldon fights with his nemesis, Kripke, for a corner office.  It’s amusing.  Next up is one of my faves, 2 Broke Girls.  Dirty, dirty broke girls.  It’s totally over the top.  But it’s also got a lot of heart.  Finally, skip ahead to your weekly Hawaiian travelogue, Hawaii Five-0.  After three good eps in a row, maybe I should stop calling it a travelogue and give it its due.  It’s a decent show again.  8p-9:30p, 10p.


M:  I’m recommending Revolution on NBC.  Everybody loves a good post-apocalyptic tale.  Who cares why the power went out or if Tracy Spiridakos is the worst actress in the world?  It’s like Stephen King’s The Stand in some ways.  When all else is gone, human nature is amplified and it becomes a classic tale of good vs. evil. 

PS - wasting promo time on your “Zeppelin”/ “Kashmir” episode?  Weak.  Pointless.

Late Night Round Up:  Watch Chelsea Lately, as always.  The Tonight Show has the awesome Jim Parsons.  It’s always so interesting to watch him being interviewed since he’s nothing like Sheldon on Big Bang.  Illustrates what a great actor (and character and writing) he is.

Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson has the stellar Lily Tomlin.  You tell me a time she hasn’t been completely perfect and I’ll give you a hundred bucks.  11:35p, 12:35a.

Happy Viewing!


7:31 am - Sun, Nov 25, 2012

#Whattowatch, 11-25-12

T:  Busy, busy Sunday night.  Seriously busy.

Start out with what EW says is too horrifically bad to not watch:  Liz and Dick.  Yes, with the one and only Lindsay Lohan.  Their take is that she is so bad it’s can’t miss TV.  The article was pretty hilarious.  I’ll at least tune in to see if it’s as bad as they say.  6p satellite, 9p cable (and fuck off, Lifetime.  I’m so sick of networks scheduling shows into the next hour—this runs 6p-8:06p.  Assholes.  Guess who definitely won’t be watching the last 6 minutes.)

M:  So recording this.

Normally, I’d start out with ABC, but CBS really now has the better lineup on Sundays.  Start with the soon to conclude The Amazing Race.  Good, if usual season.  Still, love a travelogue.  And few shows do that better than TAR.  Next up is The Good Wife.  I don’t understand how the Kings (creators, writers) can keep this show so top notch episode after episode.  But they do.  The quality is top notch and so very, very compelling.  Then you’ve got The Mentalist.  Simon Baker.  Enough said.  8p-11p.

Now on to ABC.  Once Upon A Time is new.  This one might finally be getting a little old for me.  But I’m hanging in.  The one bright spot (now) in ABC’s crumbling night is Revenge…which, of course, no one is watching.  Well you damn well should be.  Tonight we flashback to Victoria in 2006.  Hey, you had me at Victoria.  Seriously fun show.  You should seriously watch it.  Last…and, sadly, least, is a new ep of the cancelled 666 Park Avenue.  What’s left to say.  ABC fucked up with this one and that’s a shame.  It’s a good show.  Oh well.  8p-11p.

Walking Dead.  AMC.  I think I’m done with this shitfest.  6p satellite, 9p cable.

M:  Still watching.  I don’t change the bar for shows just because they’ve exhibited excellence in the past.  However, T, I should tell you that Chris agreed with your assessment of last week’s episode.

Homeland.  Showtime.  So far behind I don’t think I care. And why is Claire Danes so completely unlikable in real life?   7p satellite, 10p cable.

M: So good.  And I actually laughed my ass off at the SNL sketch (yes - I laughed during SNL) with Anne Hathaway playing Claire in Homeland.  A rare funny moment on the appalling SNL.  Thank god for Weekend Update.

Happy Viewing!


7:08 am - Sat, Nov 24, 2012

#Whattowatch, 11-24-12, Part 2

T:  Absolutely nothing.  Happy weekend!


7:45 am - Fri, Nov 23, 2012
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#Whattowatch, 11-23-12

T:  Not a thing!  Enjoy your long weekend!

(Oh, wait.  M’s beloved Fashion Police appears to be new.  So you’ve got that.  E!  7p satellite, 10p cable.)


1:50 am - Thu, Nov 22, 2012
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#Whattowatch, Thanksgiving Edition

T:  First and foremost, M & T would say that we’re thankful for anyone who has taken the time to follow us or check us out on our little adventure.  It’s much appreciated.

Second, there’s pretty much next to nothing to watch tonight.  Sure, you’ve got the Macy*s Parade (boooooring), CBS has their own parade (even more boooooring).  But Broadcast goes dark tonight.  Except for a new Glee—which you should be shot for watching—there’s nothing.  You’re better off, if you’ve got the TV on, checking out the cable marathons.  (I’ll be seeing a lot of you, HGTV.)

Late Night Round Up:  Surprised the talkers are new, but it seems they are.  The awesome Rachel Maddow is on The Late Show with David Letterman.  Just beware—so is Taylor (can’t sing) Swift.

T’s fave Natasha Leggero is on The Tonight Show.  I just find her humor and delivery hilarious.  She should be able to survive that idiot Jay Leno.

Finally, Martha Stewart drops by to see her buddy on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.  These two are comic gold together.  She’s beyond ridiculous and he knows it but plays along.  I love it!  11:35p, 12:35a.

Gobble Gobble!


7:45 am - Mon, Nov 19, 2012
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What to Watch, 11-19-12 #tv #whattowatch

T:  Easy, breezy Monday night.

CBS is your (in T’s mind) one stop shop.  Start out with How I Met Your Mother.  I do wish the show would find some steadier footing with story.  But, and I’m like a broken record, the cast is great together and we get some gems from time to time.  Skip ahead to the dirtiest show on TV, 2 Broke Girls.  Tonight our gals have 2 Amish boys making a barn for their horse, Chestnut, who, logically, lives on their Brooklyn patio.  Sounds absurd.  But Chestnut is actually one of my fave characters!  Skip ahead once more for your weekly dose of Hawaii, care of Five-0.  It’s actually had two decent eps in a row.  Things are looking up!  8p, 9p, 10p.

(Mini) Late Night Round Up:  You should always at least be dvr’ing Chelsea Lately.  Tonight, the round table includes two of my faves:  TJ Miller and Natasha Leggero.  Rascal Flatts guests.  

And if you’re at all old school TV like me, check out Regis on Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson.  It will be a crazy interview.  11p, 12:35a.

Happy (limited) Viewing!


11:14 pm - Sat, Nov 17, 2012

What to Watch, 11-18-12 #tv #whattowatch

T:  Definitely a busy Sunday night.  We’ll have a little break once Sweeps are over.

ABC’s poor, cratering lineup is preempted tonight.  Instead we have the increasingly irrelevant American Music Awards.  I’m sure they’ll do a Dick Clark tribute and, probably a Whitney Houston tribute as well.  Eh.  I’m over these shows.  Will I tune in, yes.  But definitely DVR material only.  No way I’m live blogging this shit and M is playing hostess with the mostess.  8p.

M:  America has shitty taste in music - I’d never watch this. Maybe I’d ff if Black Keys or Prince were playing.

CBS gets my vote for the night.  The Amazing (sort of tired) Race is up first.  Still enjoy the trip around the world.  They could probably get by with just one cycle per season, in my opinion.  Next up is the class act of them all, The Good Wife.  It just gets better and better.  We just need more 18-49’s watching this brilliantly written and acted show.  It’s one of the most satisfying hours of television out there.  Finally, more Red John drama on The Mentalist.  I must say, they’ve managed to keep this storyline up for a long, LONG time.  But Simon Baker and his trusty cast make the best of it.  8p-11p.

I know I keep saying I’m going to quit you, Walking Dead.  But I probably won’t.  Even though last week’s ep was the weakest the series has ever had.  The overacting was ridiculous.  And more importantly, it’s gotten BORING!  You’ve got a few more chances, formerly awesome show.  Then you are done (I’m sure M will still reco).  6p satellite, 9p cable.

Showtime has a new Dexter (which I don’t watch—that’s for M).  Homeland is new as well.  I would say it deserves every award it gets.  Showtime is most definitely the new HBO.  6p-8p satellite, 9p-11p cable.

Happy Viewing!


11:41 pm - Fri, Nov 16, 2012
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What to Watch, 11-17-12 #tv #whattowatch

T:  The usual Saturday reco—and I’m using that term very lightly after the last few eps.

Saturday Night Live over at NBC is all you need to DVR.  Go out and enjoy your evening.  Then you can fly through SNL in 10 minutes.  Jeremy Renner (HUGE ASSHOLE) is hosting.  At least Maroon 5 is performing.  11:30p.

Aftermath:  WORST SHOW OF THE SEASON by a mile.  Just terrible.


7:47 am
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What to Watch, 11-16-12 #tv #whattowatch

T:  Back to the typical Friday.

You’ve got Grimm on NBC.  The Fall finale is either this week or next.  I think it’s next.  Check this show out.  It’s really a great take that’s totally different than Once Upon a Time.  Very enjoyable.  Even M, who hates procedurals, likes Grimm.  8p.

CBS has a Whitney Houston tribute concert.  Take that for what it’s worth.  I was always an early Whitney fan.  She obviously deteriorated dramatically.  Sad to see.  Celine Dion, Jennifer Hudson, Usher, Yolanda Adams and CeCe Winans are among the performers.  This could either be good…or really bad.  I’ll DVR it.  10p.

M’s got her Fashion Police on E!.  I love Joan—just recorded her new stand up act on Showtime last night—but it’s not something I could watch week after week.  But that’s just me.  7p satellite, 10p cable.

M:  You bet!  I LOVE Fashion Police.  I go back and forth between despising & rooting for the hosts.  And I’ll tell you, while chatting about TV at work recently, 3 people I was talking to confessed that it’s a favorite Friday evening guilty pleasure — a 25 year old girl, a late 40s gay man and a 50ish, reserved woman.  Joan says some really messed up stuff - love it.  

Happy DVR’ing!


7:30 am - Mon, Nov 12, 2012

What to Watch, 11-12-12 #tv #whattowatch

T:  Not a whole lot tonight.  Though I bet M adds to this.

M adds Revolution on NBC.  I’m still recording The Voice, but working late a lot lately & find myself skipping it.  My fickle nature seems to be kicking in.  And it’s on for like 15 hours/week - it’s a litle much.  Anyway, they’re on the top 12 apparently.  But I really enjoy Revolution, despite the horrendous acting by it’s female lead, Tracy Spiridakos.  NBC 8 and 10PM.  

Note: that’s not Tracy — that’s Maria Howell.

CBS is your one stop shop in Primetime.  Too bad they can’t get rid of the two rotten eggs in the lineup (Partners and Mike and Molly—yeah, Melissa McCarthy, you were funny in Bridesmaids.  In Bridesmaids.).  Start out with How I Met Your Mother.  More Barney and Robin drama.  The two of them are both outstanding actors.  At some point, the writers are going to have to make up their minds about where they truly want this “couple” to go.  Skip ahead then to 2 Broke Girls.  It’s a Caroline centric ep.  My favorite kind!  I’m all for the down and dirty style of this show, even if M isn’t.  Skip ahead one more time and have your weekly Hawaii travelogue with Hawaii Five-0.  I will give the show some props for last week’s ep, it was better than…well, almost any other ep ever, but it’s still all about the scenery for me.  8p, 9p, 10p.

Late Night Round Up:  Chelsea Lately has the Divine Martha Plimpton, from Raising Hope.  She’s a firecracker herself so combined with Chelsea, this will be a great interview.  You know something, I’ve never been disappointed with an interview on Chelsea Lately, ever.

Jimmy Kimmel Live has Jessica Lange on.  I’ve more or less given up on American Horror Story.2, but I do dig this chick and, given the right material, she’s fantastic.  Next up is Adam Pally from Happy Endings.  The most adorable dude on TV.  Happy Endings is quirky as hell.  But it’s also funny as hell.  Give it a shot.

The aforementioned awesome Chelsea Handler is a guest on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.  These two will also be awesome together.  She’ll be her bitchy self and Jimmy will grovel.  11p, 12a, 12:35a.

Happy Viewing!


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