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9:17 pm - Sun, Mar 4, 2012
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M & T on…The Walking Dead Tonight (Spoiler Alert)

M: OK - you’ve been warned.  You know that a show is excellent when it makes you question yourself, humanity, and morality.  Tonight’s Walking Dead haunted me, as they debated whether to let Randall live or die.  He knows where the farm is!  What would you do?  I kept wondering what I would do.

Ultimately, I’d let Randall live.  But I still wouldn’t know if I did so because a) it was the right thing to do, or b) I was too much of a coward to kill a man while looking him in the eye.

Now, I have to admit, I knew that Carl would play on Rick’s sympathies at some point in the Randall decision, and he certainly did, but didn’t you just put yourself in Rick’s head at that moment?  Ugh - what he must have been feeling!

And speaking of Carl, tonight was a big night in his coming of age.  Whom will he follow? Rick or Shane?  He seemed a little too hungry to watch that man die.  He threw rocks at the momentarily trapped zombie.  It was a little like Stephen King’s Apt Pupil.

I thought Dale’s impassioned plea for humanity and civility was amazing.  I teared up.  And I was so sad when that zombie eviscerated him & there was only one choice left.  

Note that Rick couldn’t bring himself to kill Dale.  Daryl had to step in.  What does this mean for the future?  Is Lori questioning Rick’s resolve/suitability?  I think she may be.  But in which direction does she go?  Does she actually think Shane is right?  Is Rick not the amazing man we think he is?  (Am I asking too many questions?)

My mind was churning tonight thinking about this episode.  Bravo to the writers, director, and the cast.  

What would you have done about Randall?

T:  I found this episode just as fascinating and sad as M.  I’m definitely the more emotional of us…I don’t know if “teared up” is accurate for me.  One thing I just don’t really get is why they HAVE to kill Randall (and I don’t think they will).  Don’t get me wrong, those scenes were fraught with tension, emotion and what the hell. But this might be the one thing I have a problem with on the show.  Yeah, the dude was with some bad people and perhaps there are more out there, but he’s now alone on the farm.  What can he really do?  Please correct me if I’m crazy, but that is my current opinion.

(M:  I recall one conversation they were having with Randall in which he indicated that he went to high school with Maggie.  Ergo, he knows where the farm is.  In my opinion, if they drove him far enough away from HIS own camp, he’d be less likely to try to make it back there.  Although, boy if he did, would he be hungry for revenge.)

The heartbreak is losing the show’s moral center.  Dale’s death was HEARTBREAKING.  On so many levels.  I love Rick as much as all of you, but you can’t tell me he is anything of a moral center anymore.  (And yes, I realize that Zombies would probably do that to all of us.)  Dale was the heartbeat of the show. He was the one with compassion.  Maybe that wasn’t great in zombieland, but it was great for the show.  And to see him just destroyed…and then shot (necessarily, of course) made me cry.  Jeffery DeMunn did a fantastic job playing this character and I really will miss him.  I’ll be very curious to see the repercussions for Carl (psychologically) and especially his death’s affect on Andrea. Once she lost her sister, he became her family.  And she hasn’t been the picture of good mental health for a while.  Will this send her over the edge?

I want this show nominated for the Best Show Emmy.  You all know I have my top three…but this deserves to be in contention.  Very few shows have EVER done what this show does.  M is right.  The writers, directors, actors…just so top notch.  

And I’ll miss you, Dale.


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