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8:30 am - Sun, Apr 7, 2013

What to Watch: 4/7/13

M: Mad Men is back - YAYYY!  Trying not to let my expectations get too high, because it’s all about managing expectations…  Anyway - still stoked! AMC 9PM EDT

Just as good as last week, since Mad Men replaces my beloved Walking Dead (which really ended on a high note, IMHO - referring to writing, not the individual we lost), because Game of Thrones is on!  Whoop whoop!  I saw a Rolling Stone cover that pretty much said it all:  ”Bigger Bloodier Nakeder.”  But vs. say, Rome, it’s actually well-acted and the plotlines are far more engaging.  HBO 9PM EDT

And I’m still watching Celebrity Apprentice “All-Stars,” not proudly, but diligently.  Trump is a douche-y buffoon, but I actually really like Ivanka.  I also enjoy watching a mix of surprisingly smart & otherwise dumb or crazy people attempt to play business-people.  You can easily tell who actually gets it (Dee Snider, Penn Gillette) & who doesn’t.  NBC  10PM EDT

Happy Viewing!


8:30 am - Sat, Apr 6, 2013

What to Watch: 4/6/13

M: I dare you not to be riveted by My Cat from Hell.  Jackson Galaxy is a musician and a cat psychologist (is that a thing?).  He carries toys and treats in his guitar case.  Actually, have picked up a few tips on my apparently fairly reasonable cats.  Animal Planet 8PM and 9PM EDT.

SNL is back, although I’d hardly say they earned their break. Let’s see if Melissa McCarthy and Phoenix can get them back on track.  But it all comes down to the writing - PLEASE let something in addition to Weekend Update be interesting!  


9:45 pm - Tue, Apr 2, 2013
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M Going on Record: Bates Motel is AWESOME

I was a real hater of the very idea of a series based on Psycho.  What could possibly be done with Psycho that would be fresh?  Even with Vera Farmiga, how could it be worth adding to my list.  This show is really good, even if you’ve never seen Psycho (what is wrong with you, btw?).  If you have, I think you’ll like the angle(s).  Not only does it dig into Norman’s origins; it adds the town as a character & this character is MESSED UP!  Try it.


8:30 am - Mon, Apr 1, 2013
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What to Watch: 4/1/13

M: I guess it’s premeditated murder night tonight (since Sunday is “necessary/provoked murder night).  Love getting East Coast feeds — while some suffer needlessly through syndicated sitcoms or “entertainment news,”  I’ll fire up Bates Motel.  The pilot was far better than I expected, partially due to Vera Farmiga’s fantastic acting, but also because it really was intriguing.  Doesn’t hurt that Norman Bates’ older brother (??) is hot.  A&E 10PM EDT

Next up is The Following.  It still doesn’t quite have “it” for me, but it’s well acted & the plotline is interesting enough that I’ll stick around.  We’ll see.   Intelligent murderers and cults are always a good time, right? Fox 9PM EDT

And I’m so glad I found Burning Love.  I don’t watch The Bachelor regularly; but this parody does not have to work too hard to make that franchise appear pathetic & funny — their work is done for them.  From the multi-talented, under-exposed Ken Marino, featuring a dazzling array of star cast members and guest stars, this show is a gem.  A rare web-to-tv success.  OK - no idea what the ratings really are; but if you’re not watching it, you’re missing out.  E! 10PM EDT

Happy Viewing!


8:30 am - Sun, Mar 31, 2013

What to Watch: 3/31/13

M: FINALLY!!! Game of Thrones is back!  I’ll catch the East Coast feed at 6PM.  Can.. not… wait…   HBO 9PM EDT

Walking Dead is up after that (in my DVR queue).  I thought last week was great, and I think they’ve really pulled it together.  Thank god the “Rick is teetering on the brink” bit is over.  It’s over, right?  Tonight is the showdown.  Somebody will die.  Don’t they always?  We lost somebody major last week, but I wasn’t sad to see him/her go (in case you actually haven’t watched it). AMC 9PM EDT

(What a hilarious pic)

Doubt I’ll still be up; but if I am, will probably watch Celebrity Apprentice.   I don’t know what it is that I love about this show!  The crazies?  Too obvious & not enough to keep me coming back.   Must be the surprising intelligence/cunning of some of the competitors.  Donald is a douche, but I am very impressed with Ivanka.  Really!  NBC 9-whenever the Voice comes on because they have nothing else….



9:02 am - Wed, Mar 27, 2013
Obama is not Satan. Even Satan was able to make a deal with Congress.
Jeffrey Ross on The Jeselnik Offensive, referring to a Satan that is a dead ringer for Barack Obama on History’s The Bible


8:30 am

What to Watch: 3/26/13

M: Thank god ABC’s Wednesday line-up is back in originals!  T MAY still watch The Middle, but I’ll pass.  Skip 8:30 (shudder - terrible).  But it gets good at 9:  Modern Family is back.  Even if it’s been occasionally uneven vs. the first two stellar seasons (and I personally think the Gloria pregnancy is a cheap ploy, just like having romantic tension between 2 characters & then finally realizing it), this is still the best comedy on network TV. Welcome back. Jump right into the sweet & still a little sassy Suburgatory.  I’d probable put Jeremy Sisto in my top 20 & love his character on this.  Tonight, Dallas fears Dahlia… OK - you can just stop there — I’m in if it’s Dahlia-centric… may be a hoarder.  And the show Dallas wishes it was:  Nashville.  Juicy plotlines, great acting (except for Hayden, but her character is an archetype, so I don’t know if we can blame her), and a glimpse into a music city I don’t know enough about.  ABC, 9-11PM EDT


(obviously , Connie Britton is one of the primary reasons this show works so well)

The Soup delivers, season after season — kudos to the writers & Joel McHale — love it.  E!, 10PM EDT

Get your Daily Show while you can - Jon is taking a 12-week hiatus this summer to direct a serious film that he has written.  Jon, I think you’re amazing, but I’m so glad you’re not acting.  You’re meant to be spontaneous & drive a concept — best of luck with your project, Rosewater. The movie — which will require a 12-week absence from his duties on “The Daily Show” — is an adaptation of the 2011 book “Then They Came for Me: A Family’s Story of Love, Captivity and Survival,” by Maziar Bahari and Aimee Molloy.

One of my girl-crushes, Eva Mendes, is the guest, but with such major cases in court this week, the “news” (hell, I’ll call it the news), should be fantastic. 

And The Colbert Report should be fantastic too - lots of headlines to cover tonight for this “conservative.”

Late Night Round-up (sorry T - I don’t watch these shows much, so I don’t check the guest list all the time):  Can I just phone it in a little?  You guys know how to find when these shows are on - you’re not idiots.  Hell, nobody even reads this far down. We’ve got to move this blog to Wordpress or something…

Silver fox Bruce Willis on Kimmel.

The Following’s James Purefoy & Dido on Fallon.

Andy Dick is on Carson Daly.

Seth Green on Conan

Happy Viewing!


8:30 am - Tue, Mar 26, 2013

What to Watch: 3/27/13

Half-heartedly recommend the following (yawn):

New Girl is still endearing, but I’m not even sure I’m in love w/Nick any more.  Fox, 9PM  (yes, T - canceled series recording of The Mindy Project.  You told me so.)


Cougartown - funny.  Not going down in history, but funny.  Will I last longer with this than with Scrubs?  Not sure.  TBS, 10PM EDT


Comedy Central (10P-12P) is probably the best bet tonight, but their newer originals don’t have the stamina of the “news” shows.  I know T has given up, but I still like Tosh.0.  The Jeselnik Offensive is funny, and features some of today’s greatest comedians on the panel, but his stand-up rhythm doesn’t translate well in this format.  I’ll hang in for a few more.  



The Daily Show & Colbert Report will probably be tonight’s best programming — doesn’t even matter who the guests are.  Congratulations for such ongoing brilliance. 

Happy Viewing!  If you don’t watch these, catch up on Burning Love on E!  On Demand.  Hilarious!


9:33 pm - Mon, Mar 25, 2013

M: Gotta hand it to T — he’s challenged me with this point all along…


8:30 am

What to Watch: 3/25/13

M is going to be busy tonight!

Check out Burning Love, which started online & has moved to E!s parody block (a novel programming idea which will probably play out quickly) features some of your favorite actors and spoofs The Bachelor (which feels like a parody in and of itself).  10PM EDT, 7PM PDT


I’m still watching The Following, but it’s a super-intriguing concept that is relatively well-acted, but doesn’t have the magic of the first few seasons of say, Dexter or 24.  Oh well - better than most of the crap that we watch.  Fox, 9PM PDT


OK - I give in.  I’ll TRY Bates Motel.  Vera Farmiga & the reviews are enough to give it one try.  But execs, how about original scripts instead of “re-imaginings” and “new takes?”

A&E 10PM

NBC’s Revolution is back finally, featuring the worst actress JJ Abrams ever chose: Tracy Spiridakos.  Laughably bad.  Thank god it’s a great concept & the other actors are decent or better.  NBC 10PM


Caption:  ”I have no idea how I landed this role!”)

Oh yes!  Finally, Comedy Central brings the best fake news guys in TV back, and both have great guests.  Emmy Award winner Peter Dinklage is on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, and I look forward to Jon’s thoughts on Cypress.  And Colbert, which I don’t always watch, but am happy when I do, hosts Junot Diaz, whose first book, The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao deservedly won the Pulitzer Prize for fiction.  (Haven’t read This Is How You Lose Her.  Have you?  How is it?)  Looking forward to hearing what he has to say — have not seen an interview with him yet.  



Comedy Central 11, 1130 PDT


8:30 am - Sun, Mar 24, 2013

What to Watch: 3/24/13

M: Sunday still is action-packed, although I feel that it’s not full-on quality through the night, until Game of Thrones returns 3/31!  

T and I don’t agree on this one — I think Walking Dead is still great.  It had some weak episodes, but I love the dynamic & portrayal of The Governor & some shit is going down tonight!  AMC 9PM EST


History’s Vikings will do until Game of Thrones returns.  But it definitely relies on a lot of sex to make it interesting.  But Travis Fimmel has definitely come a long way since Tarzan.  And Gabriel Byrne is one of my silver fox crushes; although it seems safe to assume he’ll be dead before the end of the series.  


HBO premieres the Phil Spector movie at 9PM EDT.  Apparently, it caveats up front that it is fiction.  OK.  Some of it, sure.  How much?  Will we ever know?  Who cares — Mamet, Mirren, Pacino, that hair?  I’m in.

I’m recording The Amazing Race; but for some reason, it just bores me.  CBS 8PM

I’ll watch The Celebrity Apprentice and maybe, even Real Housewives of Atlanta (I’m so ashamed) before I watch the multiple-Emmy-award-winning Race.  NBC 9PM and Bravo 8PM.



Happy mindless viewing!


8:30 am - Sat, Mar 23, 2013

What to Watch: 3/22/13

M: I got nothin’ However, if you don’t subscribe to HBO, you may want to consider it.  Game of fucking Thrones is coming up & so is Veep.  I know too many HBO subscribers who haven’t even seen Veep.  Watch it - it’s hilarious!   Subscribe to HBO today so you can watch:

Phil Spector, starring Al Pacino & Helen Mirren - this Sunday. I’ll watch, just to see this:

Game of Thrones, which is amazing - 3/31, & you need to watch the first 2 seasons so you are caught up.  Warning: Pilot starts out really weird & lame & didn’t really convince me initially.  Episodes 2 & 3 will change your mind. 

Veep, one of the funniest shows in the past 2 years, along with Legit - coming 4/14.  Watch the first season.  You’ll understand why we love this.  


8:30 am - Thu, Mar 21, 2013

What to Watch: 3/21/13

M: I’ve given up on NBC’s sad line-up.  FX & Lifetime for me tonight.  I’ll tune in at 9 for Project Runway.  And at 10:30, I’ll watch this season’s best new comedy that I know you haven’t tried: Legit.  Watch it.  


8:30 am - Wed, Mar 20, 2013
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What to Watch: 3/20/13

M: Listen, I know it’s March, but what happened to “always on” programming??  Aside from Suburgatory, I’m all cable tonight.  If you are too, I suggest you check out Burning Love on E! - it’s hilarious.  Some of the Party Down crew, along with many celebrity guests, do a Bachelor-like spoof (not that The Bachelor isn’t ridiculous enough on its own).

Here’s what I do have in originals:

The Soup continues to deliver week after week.  Bravo, Joel & your writers.


Gerard Butler is on Chelsea Lately.  Let’s see if she molests him.  I wouldn’t blame her, even if he does look like the weakest link in Olympus Has Fallen.  (The effects & Aaron Eckhart look awesome! Am I being fooled?  This is a Film District movie.)  E! 8PM PDT

The only broadcast original I have tonight is Suburgatory. Still funny, but also getting a little rote. Maybe I’m just fickle.  ABC 9:31PM PDT 

Happy Viewing!


12:49 pm - Sun, Mar 17, 2013

What to Watch: 3/17/13 Part 2

M: I WILL happily watch The Walking Dead.  After a few fumbles, I think it found it’s footing again.  AMC 9PM ET

I watched the first 2 episodes and now, what the hell - I’ll recommend Vikings.  Tasty Travis Fimmel seems to have honed his acting skills since the days of playing Tarzan, and with his odd Viking haircut (is that a real thing?), he resembles Sons of Anarchy’s Jax (Charlie Hunnam) — not a bad thing at all.  It’s certainly no Game of Thrones, but hey, it’s free.  History, 10PM ET. 

I wish I could make the font size smaller for the next confession — I’m watching Celebrity Apprentice.  I am.  I know — it’s embarrassing.  I guess I like competition shows (although I’m already bored with Emmy-winning The Amazing Race).  NBC 9PM



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